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Understand Your Efficiency and Identify Bottlenecks with SmartHub OEE

Understand Your Efficiency and Identify Bottlenecks with SmartHub OEE

InCentrik is excited to introduce its latest productivity software: SmartHub OEE.

Keep reading to discover how SmartHub OEE helps improve your team's data analysis and decision making based on fewer assumptions and more real time data directly from the field.

What Does Your Process Situation Look Like Without SmartHub OEE?

Here are some problems your manufacturing process may be experiencing by not using SmartHub OEE.

  • Doing unnecessary paperwork

  • Countless hours entering data into Excel

  • Manual data collection with potential of causing unreliable data

  • Time inefficiency of manual reporting:  track, aggregate, put together and presenting KPI

  • Untraceable downtime

  • Standardizing OEE across the fleet

SmartHub OEE Capabilities

Here are some qualities that SmartHub OEE delivers to your process and team:

SmartHub OEE InCentrik

Automating the Data Flow

SmartHub OEE can connect to your order processing system to determine plan and from real time data sources, can measure actual versus plan to help identify the bottlenecks in the process.

Real-time Analysis Engine

SmartHub OEE provides a real-time analysis engine to calculate in-line OEE, empowering managers and operators to: 

  • Immediately identify under performing equipment or processes

  • Check asset availability

  • Establish OEE metrics

  • Identify bad actors

  • Track downtime by assets

  • Make Real-time adjustments to planning and scheduling

Real-time Production Status

SmartHub OEE enables production managers and operators to make real time adjustments to the daily plan.  By adjusting the plan, customers can prevent or even eliminate downtime before it happens.

Identify Process Bottlenecks

SmartHub OEE helps customers identify under performing equipment and processes and can identify bad actors causing the majority of the downtime.  

Generate Flexible Data Reports

Combining a comprehensive set of standard reports and a flexible report generator, SmartHub OEE can always supply your organization with timely and relevant information for decision-making on both improvements and investments.

SmartHub OEE Benefits

SmartHub OEE is great for:

  • Standardizing OEE across the fleet

  • Identifying where to make investments

  • Empowering management to take ownership

  • Faster and better business decisions

  • Being more predictive with production

SmartHub OEE InCentrik

Here are some reasons why the SmartHub OEE can benefit your team:

Improve Your Team's Productivity

SmartHub OEE enables continuous improvement resulting in increased efficiency and productivity through our integrated platform.

This gives decision makers access to detailed production data, visualization tools, as well as the right tools for quick and effective decision-making.

Improve Product and Process Quality

SmartHub OEE enables analysis of data from quality related disturbances on your machines, products or at the order level.

This has a direct impact on OEE when reasons for quality issues can be quickly identified and fixed.

Gain More Control Over Your Processes

SmartHub OEE enables real-time production information for all levels in the organization.

Distributed reports and powerful analysis tools give full visibility and control of the performance of the manufacturing process at any time.

With a few clicks you can scrutinize information covering the whole of production as well as drill down to department, machine, order or part level.

Connect More Data Sources

Is your data in a silo?

SmartHub Connectors can connect hundreds of data sources. 

SmartHub OEE InCentrik

Why settle for less when you can have it all?

SmartHub Connectors can connect to hundreds of silo data sources, including:

  • SAP

  • JD Edwards

  • OSI PI and OSI PI AF

  • GE

  • Kepware

  • Matrikon

  • and many more!

Why Use A Mobile App?

SmartHub OEE gives you access to some of the most important functions in your smart phone or tablet.

With SmartHub OEE you will always have the full picture of the production status regardless of where you are and it enables your operators to work with multiple machines and still be on top of any disruption with the help of alerts.

SmartHub OEE InCentrik


  • Fast, decisive action and real-time updates.

  • Bulky 3-ring binder hard copy plans are inconvenient to access, update and distribute

  • User-friendly mobile apps allow for quick updating


  • SmartHub OEE can be available on any smart device and in the hands of your team via smart phone, smart watches, and tablets.

  • With your communication plan stored in the Cloud, it is accessible from any location around the globe, at any time.

How can SmartHub OEE benefit your industry?

SmartHub OEE InCentrik

SmartHub OEE can benefit your industry by staying on track with your fixed plan for production, including industries such as:

More on SmartHub Apps

SmartHub features a collection of applications that benefit your facility, including:

  • Shift - Improve communication and collaboration between shifts while introducing compliance management.

  • PI - Leverage your PI System in your business workflows.

  • Permits - Manage the entire work permitting process for each of your company's sites.

  • Rounds - Use a mobile, offline-capable app to manage data entry for all field operations.

  • And more...

Want to Learn More?

Ready to make business decisions smarter by understanding your efficiency and identifying bottlenecks?

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