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SmartHub Shift: Maintain Operations While Protecting Against COVID-19

SmartHub Shift: Maintain Operations While Protecting Against COVID-19

Skylabs is excited to introduce its latest productivity software, SmartHub Shift, which enables business to continue running effectively while protecting against COVID-19

Keep reading to discover how SmartHub Shift helps standardize, organize, and visualize your operations to create consistency and efficiency amongst your team!   

SmartHub Shift Capabilities

This tool enables businesses to stay healthy by social distancing and also virtually manage operations to continue productivity. 

Here are some qualities SmartHub Shift delivers that your team can conduct without being face-to-face. 

User-friendly Platform 

From viewing multiple work area shifts, visualizing logs, and filtering records, Shift's platform provides multiple-work areas that can easily be filtered to your specific needs.


It can even be deployed in 28 regions around the world and can support most languages to create consistency no matter where your team is located! 

Acknowledge Shift Conditions 

Stay ahead of operations by utilizing SmartHub Shift's tools to mitigate confusion and increase effectiveness for your team.


You can be notified of logs, easily handover tasks, view dashboards to show reports, and increase awareness for shift objectives for your employees.  

Create Fluidity Between Shifts

Ensure all your tasks and checklists are complete with no loose ends between shifts.


Shift's capabilities allow your team to effectively communicate upcoming tasks and mark completions, keep other departments informed through sending data via your PI System, and can easily filter, search and prioritize your team's to-do's. 

Integrate With Teams 

SmartHub Shift seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams Channels to maximize timely communication and collaboration among departments and locations.


Without delay, ensure that critical information is received and keep track of responses to avoid losing key information. 

Multi-language platform

SmartHub Shift can be deployed in 28 regions around the world and can support most languages.


Connect Data Sources

Gone are the days of siloed data now that you can leverage SmartHub Connectors, which span and connect hundreds of data sources.

26aSmartHub Connectors can connect to hundreds of silo data sources, including:

  • SAP 

  • JD Edwards

  • OSI PI and OSI PI AF

  • GE

  • Kepware

  • Matrikon

  • Rockwell Allen-Bradley

  • and more!

SmartHub Shift Benefits

Introducing ShiftLog InCentrik - Benefits

Increase Productivity

Empower plant managers and shift supervisors to effectively operate by providing them with tools and resources to increase their organization, understand status of tasks, and manage employees accordingly.  

Improve Communications

By providing more streamline operations for the team, SmartHub Shift increases an ease in communication, whether it be among team members to cross-functional departments.

Your business will know exactly what needs to happen when and ensure that everything from bypasses to checklists to safety issues are communicated clearly. 

Real-time Operations

There's no better time than the here and now meaning that all real-time data is critical to saving time and mitigating errors.

By leveraging SmartHub Shift, your team can conclude business decisions quicker and make adjustments as needed, ultimately saving time and confusion. 

Expand Mobility

On the go? Take your tools with you by utilizing SmartHub Shift Everywhere via your phone.


No matter where you are, operations and communication doesn't need to slow down. The built-in messaging platforms enables quick communication from on-site to off-site employees.

Industries that benefit form SmartHub Shift

SmartHub Shift can benefit your sector including industries like:


More on SmartHub Apps

SmartHub features a collection of applications that benefit your facility, including:

  • OEE - Make smarter business decisions by understanding your efficiency and identifying bottlenecks - Connect to all your data, analyze it in real time, and visualize it anywhere in the world.  

  • PI - Leverage your PI System in your business workflows.

  • Permits - Manage the entire work permitting process for each of your company's sites.

  • Rounds - Use a mobile, offline-capable app to manage data entry for all field operations.

  • And more...

Want to try a demo?

Request a demo to give SmartHub Shift a try for yourself and stay healthy!

We'd be happy to help connect with you to optimize your business operations to save you time and money. 

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