Leverage Your PI System In Your Business Workflows.

Analyze, visualize, and share large amounts of high-fidelity, time-series data from multiple sources to people and systems across all operations.

How Your Team Benefits

Unique Features

SmartHub PI allows your system to source real-time, historical, collected data from process variables to enable smart workflow management.


View Overall Equipment Effectiveness

With SmartHub PI you can compare plant vs. actual production.

By giving access to detailed production data operators can verify if the equipment is effective, and on schedule as planned.


Automate Processes

SmartHub PI operates a single data structure to help business workflows, normal day-to-day structured processes, and add additional context to operational data.

Automated data collected from plant process variables such as: tanks, valves, pressures, temperatures, etc


Enable Smart Workflow Management

SmartHub PI allows your system to source real-time, historical, collected data from process variables to enable smart workflow management.

SmartHub PI operates as a centralized PI connector of all SmartHub apps - By having a single data source you can synchronize all SmartHub applications.

Mutual Respect, Accountability, And Success

Connect More Data Sources

Is your data in a silo? SmartHub Connectors can connect to hundreds of silo data sources.

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Easily Enter Data Into The Plant's System

Send Your Manual Data Back To PI

With SmartHub PI, operators can easily enter information and contextual data into the plant’s system.

SmartHub PI connectors allow the manual data inputted to be processed and enable real-time analysis for engineering teams, and create analytical solutions for management workflows.

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Get Automated Real-Time Data

SmartHub PI delivers everything an operations manager needs use in their process management

   Realtime information automatically triggered

   See performance on individual equipment and instruments in real-time

   Trigger workflow management solutions from equipment


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Build Asset Framework With SmartHub

With SmartHub PI users do not have to use PI System Explorer

    Security is managed within the PI app

    Attributes include value, type, minimum, maximum, control limits, target limits, UOM

    All attributes are made available for all SmartHub Apps

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Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Compatible With Any Mobile Platform

SmartHub is a cross-platform mobile application compatible with leading mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


Secure Your Cloud APIs

Fast And Secure Authentication

With SmartHub you ensure that your data being transmitted over the cloud is secure. SmartHub operates as a custom connector to the PIWebApi using Oauth 2.0 authentication.

Secure Your Cloud APIs – SmartHub uses OAuth 2.0 to provide a consistent, flexible identity and policy architecture to combat password anti-pattern



Mutual Respect, Accountability, And Success

Trusted Partners

SmartHub is built with trusted applications and products that extend the PI System and Microsoft infrastructures.

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