Intuitive batch management for railcar deliveries

Track and manage railcars along with the information of the product carried

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How Your Team Benefits

Unique Features

With SmartHub Rails, managers can now track and manage individual railcars, along with the product type and weight that these carry for custom deliveries.


Easier Reporting

With SmartHub Rails mobile you can quickly generate insightful reports on your railcar information. Select from several reporting options and filters to see only what you need.


Improve Delivery Quality

With SmartHub Rails, users can easily track and manage railcar holds and alerts to ensure quality deliveries for their customers.


Increase Efficiency

SmartHub Rails features a straightforward design and railcar data management features that allow enable fast workflows.


Mutual Respect, Accountability, And Success

Connect More Data Sources

Is your data in a silo? SmartHub Connectors can connect to hundreds of silo data sources.

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Easy To Use & Intuitive Design

All the information you need to manage your railcars is in one place, making it simple to keep your entire organization synchronized. 

   Easily organize your entries by filtering records in each work area.

   Quickly generate insightful reports on your railcar information.

   Use reports to easily save or print the exact information you need to share.

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Access and Update Your Data Anywhere

With SmartHub Rails users can schedule and track railcars in real-time, via the online platform.

Users can now easily update railcar batch information from their desk, or remotely while working next to a railcar.

Operators can also take advantage of the SmartHub Rails’ offline platform to:

  Sync with database

  Perform entries offline

  Sync data within WIFI or cellular

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Produce Reports And Plot Data Trends

With SmartHub Rails all data inputted is available via intuitive reports for managers to use.

SmartHub Rails allows users to:

   Quickly generate insightful reports on your railcar information. 

   Select from several reporting options and filters to see only what you need.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Compatible With Any Mobile Platform

SmartHub is a cross-platform mobile application compatible with leading mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


Secure Your Cloud APIs

Fast And Secure Authentication

With SmartHub you ensure that your data being transmitted over the cloud is secure. SmartHub operates as a custom connector to the PIWebApi using Oauth 2.0 authentication.

Secure Your Cloud APIs – SmartHub uses OAuth 2.0 to provide a consistent, flexible identity and policy architecture to combat password anti-pattern



Mutual Respect, Accountability, And Success

Trusted Partners

SmartHub is built with trusted applications and products that extend the PI System and Microsoft infrastructures.

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