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From Our Team to Yours: The Crisis Communication App

The Crisis Communication App: From Our Team to Yours

In this hyper-connected digital age, issues unfold at a rapid pace. You need an app that enables your team to collaborate better, respond faster and engage employees intelligently. Now you can.

The Challenge

Back in March when the Pandemic hit, InCentrik was forced to leave the traditional brick and mortar office. 

We had employees located in cities across the country that were now having to work from home.  We were struggling to keep everyone notified on if they were at their computers working or out sick. 

We were challenged with the effort of maintaining comrade for the team during a time of crisis. 

Our problem was staying connected to the entire InCentrik team and keeping communication channels open. 

The Solution

The InCentrik solution to staying connected during hard-times was the Crisis Communication app!

The Crisis Communication app provides a user-friendly experience to connect users with information about a crisis.

How The Crisis Communication App Helped InCentrik

The Crisis Communication app enabled our team Quickly get updates on internal company news, get answers to frequently asked questions, and get access to important information like links and emergency contacts. 

Real Time News Updates

This app allowed us to share critical news updates from news feed worldwide and do it in real time.  We were able to know which employees were out sick or just working from their home office.  

Minimal Maintenance and Setup

We were able to maintain the app with minimal effort so as not to take time away from services provided to customers.

Our team loves this app as it requires a small amount of setup to make it your own. 

From Our Team to Yours

InCentrik has turned an internal effort into an external effort to share with other companies going through the same struggle!

InCentrik is here to help you through the set up of your own Crisis Communication app so you and your organization can stay in-the-know.


What Industries Can The App Benefit?

Coronavirus Pandemic | IncentrikThe Crisis Communication App is designed to help assist your company with incident and employee reporting cases, including (but not limited to):

Want to Learn More?

Ready to put information directly into employees' hands immediately, instead of them rummaging around looking for it?

For more information click the link below.

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